Shopping features for foreign nationals

 A shared effort towards more transparency and efficiency

Make best-informed decisions by requesting additional information for the products of interest. You may also receive additional product recommendations that match or exceed the technical specifications of the intended product.

Enjoy significant discounts when buying in bulk. Important to remember however is that wholesale discounts are combined with free delivery, which always entails an invisible cost for the seller. In reality, this is just another surplus benefit that we offer for your business. As opposed to other smaller item categories found in online sales, chairs usually imply weight. Lots of it! For example, the "free delivery" of a 35-40 office chairs lot, involves an average of 500 kg in shipping weight and expenses. Therefore, the total discounts, will always include the invisible but equally significant cost of courier shipping and handling.

Reserve products in advance, explore payment options and design your own acquisition scenario. Stocks of popular products move fast, so feel free to make specific written inquiries about ETA and ETD on certain product selections. While color variants of the same product usually become available at the same time, it is not unusual for color variants to have different resuply timelines.


Make the purchasing process an enjoyable shopping experience